Victor Huang
vhuang (at)


Aaron Chen
aaron_chen (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 61A
Hi! I'm a senior CS major from the Bay Area. Some things I'm into right now are drawing, super smash bros melee, and Valorant. I love teaching and am looking forward to helping out with 375!
Justin Cheng
jcheng412 (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 61C, CS W186
I'm a soon-to-be 4th year L&S CS major from Edison, New Jersey. I like to watch people play video games and I also like to play them myself.
Rachel De Jaen
rdejaen (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 170
Hi! I’m Rachel, I’m a rising fourth-year cs + spanish linguistics major from seattle. I like cats, watching jeopardy, alternative rock music, and breakfast foods. Excited to be helping out with 375 this summer! :-)
Emaan Hariri
ehariri (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 61C, CS 70, CS 170
Hi everyone, I’m Emaan! I’m a MS student in EECS from Orange County, CA! I love eating, reading, watching Netflix, and enjoying the outdoors (and teaching)! I took CS 375 two summers ago with Victor when I was teaching CS 61C and CS 70; I had a great time, and I hope you do too!