Victor Huang
vhuang (at)
alvinwan (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 189 (4x), CS 70 (3x), CS 61A

I'm a 4th year PhD student studying efficient 4d deep learning for computer vision applications like XR and self-driving. Formerly at Facebook Reality Labs, currently at Tesla AutoPilot. Hobbies include ice cream, cheesecake, and egg tarts.


ehariri (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 61C, CS 70 (3x), CS 170 (4x), CS 270

Hi everyone, I’m Emaan! I’m a MS student in EECS from Orange County, CA! I love eating, reading, watching Netflix, and enjoying the outdoors (and teaching)! I took CS 375 three summers ago with Victor when I was teaching CS 61C and CS 70; I had a great time, and I hope you do too!
Andrew Lenz
andrew.lenz (at)
Classes TA'd: Data 100, CS 61A

Hi! I’m Andrew, a fourth year EECS major from San Jose. When I’m not doing school, I enjoy reading, hiking, cooking, and caring for my plants. Looking forward to working with you all this semester!

yashen (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 10 (3x)

Hey there! I'm a 4th year MCB and DS major from the Bay Area. In my free time you can find me watching gaming streams, drawing, or watching the sunset. This summer, I'm in San Diego so if you're in the area, hmu. Feel free to talk to me about anything!
Sylvia Jin
swjin (at)
Classes TA'd: CS70

I'm a rising 4th-year Math major from Fremont, CA. I probably spend less time on school than on my hobbies, which include writing problems/volunteering at Berkeley Math Tournament, tinkering with electronics, staring at the Supernode website, and playing card games like NERTS! (a blend of Speed and Solitaire). Feel free to email/message me about discrete math, card games, or CNCing.

Ayush Kamat
akamat (at)
Classes TA'd: CS 70, CS 188

I'm a rising senior from the LA area majoring in math and CS. Academically, I'm mostly interested in theoretical CS and machine learning. Also, I really enjoy music, and spend a lot of my time outside of school playing trumpet in different groups on campus. I'm super excited to TA for 375 and look forward to a great summer!
Ishaan Srivastava
ishaan.srivastava (at)
Classes TA'd: Data 100 (6x), Stat 88 (this summer!)

Hey everyone, I'm Ishaan! I just wrapped up my undergrad degree from here and I'll be starting my MA in Statistics (also at Berkeley) in the Fall. I took CS 375 in Summer 2019, and I'm hoping to help recreate the wonderful experience I had for all of you! Feel free to message me about whatever, but especially when it comes to teaching, data science, food, or standup comedy.