Course Information
Instructor: Victor Huang
Schedule: MW 6:00-7:30 PM PDT, 540AB Cory (also Zoom link, posted in Ed)
Link to slides:
Date Boot Camp Topic
Mon 6/10 2-sigma effect (and why it basically means nothing)
Fixed Mindset Vs. Growth Mindset
Developing a Growth Mindset
Broken Futon Effect
Tues 6/11 Stereotype Threat
Addressing and Combating Stereotype Threat
Learning Styles (Do they exist?)
Wed 6/12 The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of lecture
The stress of being a TA (I’ll tell you not to overwork yourself, but you won’t listen)
Final Pep Talk before first section
Week Date Topic References Assignments
1 Mon 6/17 First Section Debrief, Presentation tips
Wed 6/19 No Class (Juneteenth)
2 Mon 6/24 Teaching Confused Students Explanations vs. Dispelling misconceptions
Wed 6/26 Peer Instruction and Working in Groups List 3 reasons why a UC Berkeley class is better than a library card
Peer Instruction
3 Mon 7/1 Review Sessions and Writing Exam Questions
Wed 7/3 No Class (July 4 observed) Video Observation 1 (due 7/5 at midnight)
4 Mon 7/8 Guest lecture: Armando Fox
Wed 7/10 Proctoring and Accommodations
5 Mon 7/15 Handling Academic Misconduct (Why Do Students Cheat?)
Wed 7/17 Survey Review Student Survey (due 7/19 by midnight)
6 Mon 7/22 Accessible Course Content
Wed 7/24 Making a Boring Topic Interesting Video Observation 2 (due 7/26 at midnight)
7 Mon 7/29 What Is the Purpose of Your Class?
Wed 7/31 Final Wrap-Up
8 Mon 8/5 No class
Wed 8/7 No class